Enlightenment is both a freedom from, and a wisdom about, illusionary suffering, or physical emotions from mental ideas.

There are many Routes to Enlightenment, and several of those Routes use Inquisitive Meditation (silent observation of self), such as Zen, Yoga Sutras, and Vipassana. All these Traditional Routes that use Inquisitive Meditation have at least a Story, Method, Work, and Change.


The Story is a framework of ideas about Life to enable a Reader to see the Pattern. The Method is a procedure to enable an Experimenter to understand the Pattern. The Work is the application of the Method and Story, to enable a Practitioner to recognize the Pattern and Change.


For Zen and Vipassana, the Story is about the Teachings of Buddha. There is also a Story about the Life of Buddha, but that is separate to the Story of the Teachings. The Story of the Teachings include terms such as rebirth, karma, sankhara, and Nirvana. Yoga Sutras is the Teachings of Patanjali.

The Story needs to be fully understood and accepted for the Method to work. The Method is the procedure that is to be followed in order to reach Enlightenment. In Zen and Vipassana, this Method starts with The Four Noble Truths, and in Yoga Sutras it starts with The Eight Limbs Of Yoga.

The Work is the application of the Story and Method together with Inquisitive Meditation. Patience, diligence, and effort is then required until the Change in your Life happens, where Change is Pattern recognition inducing Integration: Awakening (freedom), and Enlightenment (wisdom).


Option 1: In order to support these Traditional Routes to Enlightenment, Aana Yoga is offered as a Practice to help you develop the capacity to sit comfortably for long periods of time in Inquisitive Meditation. Aana Yoga is a System, Class, ability to Meditate, Practice, and doorway to Change.


Option 2: As an Alternate Route to Enlightenment using the Practice of Inquisitive Meditation, Tager Nil offers an alternate Story and Method, The Symbiotic Matrix and The Integral Method, and together with Aana Yoga, is the opportunity of Liberated Reality.

Alternate Route

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